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Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death, and Grief 10 Hours

Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death, and Grief CEU’s – 10 Hours Focus: The authors of the Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death, and Grief course text elucidate the profound variety in thinking about death and dying. Examples of different cultures provide insights to understanding and appreciation of different cultures’ perspectives. Objective:   The course addresses cross-cultural […]

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Energy Psychology TFT-EFT 15 Hours

Energy Psychology TFT-EFT CEU’s – 15 Hours GOAL: Energy Psychology TFT-EFT is a 15-hour Cutting-Edge SAMHSA Evidence-Based course. This CEU training is centered on acupressure points used in Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques.  COURSE INFO: Come and learn what M.D.s, nurses, ministers, Ph.Ds. & LCDC’s, LPC’s, LMFT, Social Workers, ministers, massage therapists, and

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Smoking Cessation 15 Hours

“Not Smoking is Your Choice” by Michael Yeager CEU/s 10 Hrs OBJECTIVE: Smoking Cessation – “Not smoking is the easiest thing I have ever done.”  This statement will be turned into practical action by you when you apply the principles discussed in this book. I will be discussing the change in behavior in possibly a

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Emotional Discovery Through Poetry Continuing Education

Emotional Discovery Through Poetry 13 Hours

Emotional Discovery Through Poetry CEU’s – 13 Hours Goal:To expose therapist to poetry, verse, film and realia as experiential tools in therapy groups. This process has proven itself effective with PTSD, addiction, inmates, patients with Alzheimer’s and survivors of various traumas. This 13 hour Emotional Discovery Through Poetry course has the following objectives. Objectives: Participants

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Conscious Language Continuing Education

Conscious Language 12 Hours

Conscious Language CEU’s – 12 Hours Focus:  Conscious Language is about becoming conscious of the words used to express ourselves and our ideas.  An excellent process for clients who, in many cases, are shamed or guilt based. Objective: This course helps therapist point out dis-empowering language and how to coach the client into using language

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Radical Forgiveness Continuing Education

Radical Forgiveness 13 Hours

Radical Forgiveness CEU’s – 13 Hour Goal:  The overall goal of this 13 hour course is to inform participants of a powerful set of strategies to assist their clients in releasing resentments and taking charge of their lives.  A great course for anyone working with addicts of all types, anger management, marriage and family issues,

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Relapse Prevention Continuing Education

Relapse Prevention 11 Hours

Relapse Prevention CEU’s – 11 Hours Goal:  The goal of this 11 hour course is to offer strategies to counsellors wanting to develop a successful long-term recovery plan.  The course offers a unique application of the CENAPS process originated by Terry Gorski.  It also picks up where Gorski leaves off in helping a client let

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Dual Diagnosis Continuing Education

Intro to Dual Diagnosis Issues 6 Hours

Intro to Dual Diagnosis Issues CEU’s – 6 Hours Goal:  The purpose of this course is to expand the counsellors knowledge about the complexities involved with the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Objective: Describe 3 symptoms found in Anxiety Disorders. Discuss the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for alcoholism. Differentiate between drug induced psychoses and drug addiction behaviors.

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