Drugs and the Brain Continuing Education

Drugs and the Brain 7 Hours

Drugs and the Brain – 7 Hr CEU’s – 7 Hours Goal:  The goal of this 7 hour course is to show very specifically with how drugs reach and interact with the brain and what effects they have on the body. Objective:   Differentiate between depressants and stimulants and the dangers of use.. Discuss the […]

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Grief Loss & Recovery Continuing Education

Grief, Loss & Recovery 3 Hours

Grief, Loss & Recovery CEU’s: 3 Hours Goal:  To assist counsellors in learning a step by step approach to help clients successfully release pain. The pain they have attached to past painful incomplete relationships.  Relationships can include but are not limited to the onset of and recovery from addictive behaviors and lifestyles, going to and

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Gambling & Teens Continuing Education

Gambling & Teens 3 Hours

Gambling & Teens CEU’s: 3 Hours GOAL: To focus on statistical information and case studies of adolescents who demonstrate problems with pathological gambling. To address family of origin issues, abandonment, unresolved grief and abuse that may act as a catalyst for adolescents to succumb to peer pressure and use gambling as a way to deal

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