Compulsive Gambling Continuing Education

Compulsive Gambling 18 Hours

Compulsive Gambling 18 CEU’s CEU’s – 18 Hours Goal:  The goal of this Compulsive Gambling 18hrs course is to inform participants about treatment planning, client screening, assessment, diagnosis and diagnostic tools as well as specialized treatment indicators for gambling. Objective:  Participants will be able to discuss the DSM-IV criteria to diagnosis pathological gambling. Describe the …

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Treating Problem Gambling Continuing Education

Treating Gambling Problems 15 Hours

Treating Gambling Problems Goal:  Diagnosing Pathological Gambling and recovery utilizing traditional verses holistic and alternative approaches. Objective:  This 15 hour course gives clear definition of the problem and different kinds of the addiction. It introduces ways to recognize many factors that can cause gambling problems. The student will be given tools and techniques for recovery …

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Gambling & The Family Continuing Education

Gambling & The Family 3 Hours

Gambling & The Family Goal:  This course discuss’s a systems approach as it relates to the effects of Compulsive Gambling on all family members.  To cover denial, delusion and enabling as it relates to the family.  To address intervention and treatment approaches best suited for the spouse and the children. Objective: Participants will be able …

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Gambling Ethics & Treatment Continuing Education

Gambling – Ethics & Treatment 7 Hours

Gambling – Ethics & Treatment CEU’s – 7 Hours Goal:  The goal of this course is to identify ethical concerns and treatment strategies for treating pathological gamblers. Objective:   Differentiate treatment needs and ethical concerns between pathological gambling and other addictive disorders.   Discuss the major ethical differences revolving around financial responsibility, debt repayment, and …

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Gambling & Special Populations Continuing Education

Gambling & Special Populations 3 Hours

Gambling & Special Populations CEU’s – 3 Hours Goal:  The goal of this course is to address the specific concerns of Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanic, Native Americans and Prison Populations who suffer from the effects of pathological gambling. Objective:   Explain 2 communication styles that have worked in developing rapport with these populations.   Differentiate …

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Gambling & Teens Continuing Education

Gambling & Teens 3 Hours

Gambling & Teens CEU’s: 3 Hours GOAL: To focus on statistical information and case studies of adolescents who demonstrate problems with pathological gambling. To address family of origin issues, abandonment, unresolved grief and abuse that may act as a catalyst for adolescents to succumb to peer pressure and use gambling as a way to deal …

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