Domestic Abuse CEU Courses

The very best Domestic Abuse Continuing Education Courses in Canada. Choose from our range of domestic abuse courses for the professional.

Domestic Abuse Courses

Incest Sexual Abuse Continuing Education

Incest, Sexual Abuse 3 Hours

This 3 hr course provides info specific to clients suffering from the effects of sexual abuse and incest.

Domestic Violence (Verbal Abuse) Continuing Education

Domestic Violence (Verbal Abuse) 10 Hours

Treatment strategies for the victim of this type of domestic violence..

Incest & Sexual Abuse Continuing Education

Incest & Sexual Abuse 17 Hours

Introduce to issues specific to clients suffering from the effects of sexual abuse and incest.

Domestic Abuse Victims Focus

Domestic Violence – Victims Focus 13 Hours

This 13 hr course presents a complete understanding of this “public health issue”.

Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Continuing Education

Domestic Abuse – Perpetrator Treatment 11 Hours

The goal of this course is to identify strategies found helpful with this population.

Intimate Partners Violence Prevention – CACCF – 2 Hours

This 2 hour course will touch on prevention, and the many pitfalls the victim of intimate partner of violence may encounter and some therapeutic strategies used to help them break free and not return to this type of relationship again.

Featured Courses

Gambling & Teens Continuing Education

Gambling & Teens 3 Hours

To focus on statistical information and case studies of adolescents who demonstrate problems with pathological gambling.

Grief Loss & Recovery Continuing Education

Grief, Loss & Recovery 3 Hours

Helping people with unresolved loss issues feel complete and able to move on in their lives.

Drugs and the Brain Continuing Education

Drugs and the Brain 7 Hours

The goal of this 7 hour course is to show very specifically with how drugs reach and interact with the brain and other body parts.