Energy Psychology TFT-EFT


This 15-hour Energy Psychology TFT/EFT Cutting-Edge CEU Pro Couse is SAMHSA Evidence Based.

Energy Psychology TFT-EFT

GOAL: This is a 15-hour Cutting-Edge SAMHSA Evidence-Based course. This CEU training is centered on acupressure points used in Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques. TFT & EFT


Come and learn what M.D.s, nurses, ministers, Ph.Ds. & LCDC’s, LPC’s, LMFT, Social Workers, Ministers, massage therapists, and others are already using worldwide.

  • The client simply thinks about their problem or pain, stays focused on it while tapping the
    specific meridian points until the pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression, the addictive urge is gone.
  • It is one thought field energy that is released with the acupressure. One’s thought about an event
    is more detailed than one’s verbal explanation.
  • It is one’s thought about an event that causes the problem, not the event itself.
  • The student then gets a volunteer to practice with and then reports back to me.
  • The student and I then practice overcoming any obstacles they may have along the way.

CEU’s: 15 Hours



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