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Online Learning is convenient and practical for today’s busy schedules.  Choose from our range of online courses for the professional Mental Health and Addiction Worker. 

Last Door Continuing Education Courses are a social enterprise of Last Door Recovery Society, a non profit charity that continues to professionalize the industry.  Addiction/Substance Use, Anxiety, Gambling, Depression Trauma & more, courses available, get certified.

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Gambling & Teens Continuing Education

Gambling & Teens 3 Hours

To focus on statistical information and case studies of adolescents who demonstrate problems with pathological gambling.

Compulsive Gambling Continuing Education

Compulsive Gambling – An Overview 3 Hours

Gambling behaviors, assessment tools, family of origin issues and treatment strategies.

Grief Loss & Recovery Continuing Education

Grief, Loss & Recovery 3 Hours

Helping people with unresolved loss issues feel complete and able to move on in their lives.

Domestic Verbal Abuse Continuing Education

Domestic Verbal Abuse 3 Hours

The course participant will be able to discuss the 2 major concepts of power in abusive relationships.

Sex Addiction Continuing Education

Sexual Addiction 101 3 Hours

This 3 hr version of Sex Addiction 101 presents the underlying causes of sexually addictive behaviors

Compulsive Spending Continuing Education

Compulsive Spending 3 Hours

This 3 hour version is meant to instruct the professional on how to identify, verify and treat this addictive disorder.

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